Balance, Release, De-Stress, Transform, Lighten, Awaken, Prevent Disease, and Heal


For over twenty-five years, Jennifer has been focused on using tools of healing- herbs, plants and flowers, crystals, sound and other natural medicine to change her clients lives to reach their fullest potential, and release of old patterns and trauma.

Her aim is to help balance, release, de-stress, transform, lighten, awaken, and prevent disease or heal her clients from current issues.

Jennifer has trained with numerous experts around the world to learn the wide range of healing arts that can transform her client’s lives. Her work is subtle but can result in powerful shifts in energy, mood and health. 

She has more than four years of formal full time education with the healing modalities of ayurveda, massage, aromatherapy, naturopathy, TCM philosophy and more…

Treatment Modalities

In her practice she may use any of the following to customize a healing session:

  •  Reiki, Cranialsacral Massage, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, Jin Shin Do
  •  Heated Oils/ Aromatherapy Therapies
  •  Crystal Layout On The Body
  •  Flower Essence Consultations
  •  Guided Imagery, Intentions, Channeling, Hypnotic Suggestion And Theta Healing Tools/Practices


“I love getting wellness sessions from Jennifer.
Her heart and hands are so soothing. My soul melts with joy and feels healed and blissful each time I see her.”

– Artie Hoffman

Booking a Session

Jennifer is available for one on one sessions at her home studio in Greenwich where she follows CDC Covid guidelines for safety. She can perform sessions in your home for an additional fee.

Her rates change for the modality and use of products.

Just fill out the form below.

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